About Our Electronic Z-Axis Control Feature


Controlling the print height is vital to achieving high quality prints with any Direct to Garment printer.  There are many approaches to this method, and we offer two different solutions for our end users:

  1. Manual 4-Point Height Adjust: Our p600 EXPRESS system offers a manual height control via our 4-point leveling / height adjust system – the platen is mounted on a simple base unit with 4 spring-loaded tension screws, which enable simple control over height and leveling.
  2. Electronic Z-Axis Control: Our PRO series printers offer a full electronic controlled z-axis feature, which allows the end user to quickly adjust the height of the print module over several inches – dual control motors allow for reliable operation, while independent motor control features ensure you can always level the height of your print module with minimal time or fuss.  Our PRO series printers also feature the basic 4-point spring-loaded leveling controls, employed on our EXPRESS series printers.

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