About Our Optional Foot Pedal Accessory

Featured-Image-Foot_PedalThe optional foot pedal accessory is a cool add-on feature which allows you to send the platen to the print position with a flick of your foot.  Made popular by certain high-end pneumatic heat press units, this feature is a popular choice for anyone looking to maximize their productivity.  The convenience and ease-of-use makes it a fun option for volume production, although it is certainly not required to produce lots of high-quality prints, per hour – this accessory is simply one more way KatanaDTG is making the process easier and more convenient for the end user, in the field.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can purchase this cool tool.

NOTE: The optional foot pedal accessory is not available on the p600 EXPRESS model, as there is no requisite accessory port.

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