How to Connect with Other KatanaDTG Users

KatanaDTG provides a wide range of ways to connect with other end users in the field, but the most prominent is the PRIVATE Member Support group on Facebook – once you become a KatanaDTG owner, you will be invited to share and collaborate with our network of users, around the world!

Share tips, tricks and suggestions while also addressing real-world concerns and issues with other active end-users.  Don’t be afraid to share your struggles, successes and experience with other users in the KatanaDTG Private Member Support group!

In addition to integrated social networking, we also bring our KatanaDTG team together at a much deeper level, through the WorldwideDTG custom printing and fulfillment network!  Find out how you can join our team and grow your business without the associated costs of advertising and expensive customer service – let us help you build and grow in ways never before imagined!

Visit for more information on this exciting partnership.

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