About Our Touch Screen LCD Controls

Featured-Image-Touch_Screen_LCDThe KatanaDTG “PRO” series printers feature a clever and useful touch screen LCD control panel for easy equipment operation.  Currently offering the ability to send the platen to the print position, eject the platen, reset the ink cartridges at the press of a button, adjust the general z-axis height, control individual z-axis motors and much more, the biggest benefit to this feature is our continued ability to add additional features and controls through a simple firmware update…  As we develop additional options and settings, we can upgrade users in the field without the need for them send the printer back to us (while this will work for many upgrades, keep in mind you will still need to send your machine back for physical upgrades which require new circuit boards or hardware).

In addition to providing a full range of functionality within an easy-to-use interface, our responsive touch screen LCD panel also displays real-time environmental data, including the temperature and humidity of the room.  We are working to log this data internally, allowing useful tech support data to be provided when attempting to resolve potential print issues, in the future!

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