The ONLY p600 Printer with an AUTO-ACCESS Cap Station and Wiper Blade!

We continue to take things to the next level by introducing our latest feature upgrade on all new KatanaDTG printers – FULL ELECTRONIC CONTROL OVER THE CAPPING STATION AND WIPER BLADE ASSEMBLY!

In 2016 we were the FIRST company to allow native nozzle checks on a p600-based DTG printer, directly through the Epson interface.  We are proud to continue this tradition by becoming the FIRST company to allow you to do all of the following, without ever needing to touch the white vinyl screw on the print module capping station:

  • Automatically Unlock the Printhead and Expose the Wiper Blade!

  • Automatically Lock the Printhead and Retract the Wiper Blade!

  • Initiate a Continuous Purge by Controlling the Pump Motor, on Demand!

While there is certainly nothing wrong with unlocking your print head and exposing the wiper blade manually via the white vinyl screw on the Epson p600 print module (this exists on all p600 based DTG printers), having the ability to simply press a button and have it done instantly and accurately is infinitely better!  Additionally, many users struggle to put the wiper blade back and reset the screw to the proper range after doing their maintenance, which can trigger annoying errors – by simply pressing a button and having everything return to normal and lock into place, you can perform your maintenance routines faster and more worry-free!


In addition to faster and more convenient access to your capping station and wiper blade, the ability to run a continuous “on demand” Purge allows users to quickly and easily do any of the following:

  • Load ink into the machine without the need for a new set of cartridge chips!

  • Easily remove settled ink at the start of your daily production cycle!

  • Replace many of the standard, lengthy cleaning cycles with quick purges (saving more time on maintenance)!

  • Flush the entire system with cleaning solution, without the need for a new set of cartridge chips!


Contact us today to find out how you can get your hands on a brand new KatanaDTG p600 PRO or EXPRESS DTG printer.

3 thoughts on “The ONLY p600 Printer with an AUTO-ACCESS Cap Station and Wiper Blade!

  1. says:

    Like all inkjet printers, the SC-P600 benefits from regular use leaving any printer several weeks between prints makes it more likely that you will need to run cleaning cycles, especially if you live in a climate with low humidity or at altitude. If you really must leave your printer unused for extended periods of time, then consider sealing it in a big plastic bag, or perhaps get someone to pop in and print off a nozzle check on a sheet of plain paper?

  2. 72hourfor10 says:

    With unprecedented black density and breakthrough resin encapsulation technology, the P600 delivers the richest blacks with an incredible level of sharpness.

  3. smarthorizont says:

    The printer astoundingly excellent yield, quick speed, and paper dealing with the capacity to print all encompassing photographs at sizes as extensive as 13 by 129 inches and makes it effortlessly reasonable for expert picture takers and visual specialists, and also prosumers.

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