When approaching the world of Direct to Garment (DTG) printing, there are generally two primary schools of thought: Using a series of smaller, inexpensive Epson conversions for volume production. Using a single, large industrial machine for volume production. Of course, each approach has its own pros and cons, but in this article we hope to […]

Make sure you are doing your daily maintenance to ensure your printer continues to perform well! You treat your DTG printer right, and your printer will treat you right! Cleaning the Capping Station and Wiper Blade is a CRITICAL area of maintenance that should never be overlooked.

WorldwideDTG is currently seeking Level IV Fulfillment Centers across all major regions of the United States. These partners will form the cornerstone of the WorldwideDTG network and will have access to top tier tech support, at all times (including onsite technical service for advanced issues). Our goal is to ensure full time up-time reliability for […]

We are excited to announce the new Print Archive feature EXCLUSIVELY for the Katana CONNECT app!  One of the biggest struggles in Direct to Garment printing is trying to figure out the proper RIP settings and pretreat to use for various garment types and colors…  We are SOLVING THAT PROBLEM by allowing end users to […]

We are pleased to introduce the new Katana CONNECT app for Android users!  This FREE app allows Katana users to access the Knowledge Base, on the go! Download today from the Google Play Store – we will be adding plenty more functionality in the coming days and weeks, including (but not limited to) the following […]

We continue to take things to the next level by introducing our latest feature upgrade on all new KatanaDTG printers – FULL ELECTRONIC CONTROL OVER THE CAPPING STATION AND WIPER BLADE ASSEMBLY! In 2016 we were the FIRST company to allow native nozzle checks on a p600-based DTG printer, directly through the Epson interface.  We […]

THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON DTG PRINT SOLUTIONS – CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE FOR LOTS OF GREAT TIPS AND TRICKS FOR DTG PRINTING! This video shows the basic steps to optimize most standard images for Direct to Garment printing. Prior to printing any image, you should check to ensure that the color values are rich […]

The KatanaDTG “PRO” series printers feature a clever and useful touch screen LCD control panel for easy equipment operation.  Currently offering the ability to send the platen to the print position, eject the platen, reset the ink cartridges at the press of a button, adjust the general z-axis height, control individual z-axis motors and much […]

The optional foot pedal accessory is a cool add-on feature which allows you to send the platen to the print position with a flick of your foot.  Made popular by certain high-end pneumatic heat press units, this feature is a popular choice for anyone looking to maximize their productivity.  The convenience and ease-of-use makes it […]