Submit Form for Financing Information


NOTE: Please fill out all required fields, completely. Personal credit of 650+ is required for most applicants, when considering traditional Lease options. This application allows for up to two applicants, although only one is required (with sufficient credit).


You must provide information for at least a Primary Borrower - Additional Borrower is optional. Please provide an estimate of the personal credit score for each borrower - this can be obtained through many free apps (such as Credit Karma) as well as many credit card login portals, and may help facilitate your application.


SECONDARY BORROWER (if applicable)


We will obtain a consumer credit report about each person identified as a guarantor in this lease application. By clicking "I AGREE" in the "Credit Release Obtained" box below, the user providing us with guarantor information represents that (a) each guarantor has authorized the user to supply us with such information in this application and (b) each guarantor understands that we will obtain a consumer credit report about the guarantor in connection with this application.
Credit Release Authorization Credit Authorization: I/We hereby authorize KatanaDTG, its designee, assigns or potential assigns to review his/her personal credit profile provided by national credit bureaus in considering this application and for the purpose of updating, renewing, extending additional credit or the collection of any late account. I/We hereby authorize our references to release all credit information and I/We represent and warrant that the information submitted herein is true, complete and accurate. A facsimile, electronic or other copy of this authorization shall be as valid as the original.