The KatanaDTG MIST Pretreater is an incredibly cost-effective way to step up your pretreat game, by taking the guess work out of the process and making it fast and easy!  While it is always good to understand the process of manually pretreating garments for DTG, automating the spray process is a far more practical approach for most production environments.  This system offers basic controls for determining spray length and volume, as well as a GO button and purge button (for easy maintenance).  We offer one of the most affordable automatic pretreat machines on the market, while still providing a durable construction quality and industrial drive system!



  • Price: $1,850
  • Footprint Size: 27″ x 41″
  • Spray Area: 13″ x 18″



  • Pressurized Spray System
  • Moving Gantry Style Spray System
  • Adjustable Spray Length
  • Adjustable Volume Control
  • Powerful Drive Motor for Long Term, Reliable Use
  • Easy Loading with PLENTY of Room for Larger Garments
  • Easy Purging Process
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Robust Build Quality
  • No Air Compressor Required!



  • Standard 110 AC Power


NOTE: As is the case with most pretreat sprayers, we strongly recommend flushing the system with distilled water each night to prevent buildup – most DTG pretreatment fluids are prone to gunking up spray nozzles.  The MIST PT machine can be purged in a few seconds, and the pretreatment can be easily emptied back into the bottle for reuse, prior to flushing with distilled water!