Thank you for your interest in our KatanaDTG line of Direct to Garment printers.  Our equipment is built on an “as ordered” basis, and therefore the estimated build time for most new order is (4) four weeks from the time of purchase.


A customer may cancel their order for a full refund at any time within the first (14) fourteen days from the time of initial payment receipt.  Once this time has passed, we will begin coordinating delivery logistics and cancellations will not be accepted.


Once a user has received their order, KatanaDTG will allow returns in exchange for a full refund of the original purchase price within the first 30 days of delivery in the event of any hardware or construction issue which can not be resolved quickly to the satisfaction of the customer.  A good faith effort must be made to take advantage of our warranty service to resolve any issues, before a refund will be considered.

A refund will not be granted based solely on buyer’s remorse, without demonstrating a valid deficiency in construction or operation of purchased hardware.